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The HURREVAC program is restricted to government emergency management use in the United States. Applicants must have a government or agency email address to be eligible for an account and should enter official contact information in the fields below.
Learn more about account eligibility on our HURREVAC FAQ page:

Important note to applicants
Please be aware that we see a much higher volume of applications during hurricane season, especially when there are active systems.

HURREVAC is intended for employees and officials of government agencies in the United States: federal, military, state, tribal, territorial, and local (county/parish/municipal/city/town).
It is important that all available program resources are devoted to supporting those personnel and the government emergency management community.

The following use cases are not a part of the HURREVAC mission and applicants from these categories will not be approved: personal, business, media, consulting, contracting, nonprofit, private associations, and academic/research. Applications from countries outside of the United States are not eligible.

We kindly ask those in the previously listed categories to refrain from applying for HURREVAC so that we may serve our core government emergency management users as quickly and efficiently as possible. All are encouraged to seek weather information from NOAA (the National Hurricane Center and local National Weather Service offices) and evacuation information from your local public safety officials.

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